Two new books based on the Cumbraes

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Millport and the Isles of Cumbrae are fast becoming the literary destination of choice for writers from all parts of the globe. Following on from the success of the teenage fiction novels Hollow Earth and The Bone Quill and from John and Carole Barrowman, two new fiction book have just been released, one by a Renfrewshire school teacher is titled Mixed Up Summer of Lily McLean and is aimed at children. The second one has been penned by a recently retired accountant from California and is written for a wider audience and is worringly titled Crisis in the Cumbraes.



The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean by Lindsay Littleson

Lily’s already got plenty going on living with a moody teenage sister, two feral brothers and a messy baby sister. Mum and Gran are stressed to the max, both dads are out of the picture and the cats aren’t exactly pulling their weight. But when she starts getting mixed-up warnings not to go on holiday to the tiny, safe Scottish island of Millport, her summer just gets weirder and weirder.

The thing is, whoever’s talking to Lily doesn’t even seem to know she’s doing it. If she’s a ghost, she’s not a very good one. And there’s something about her that Lily finds awfully, spine-tinglingly familiar. . .

Spend the summer with Lily McLean in this beautifully written, laugh-out-loud adventure by Kelpies Prize winner Lindsay Littleson.

About Lindsay Littleson

Lindsay Littleson is a primary school teacher in Renfrewshire, Scotland. Since taking up writing for children in early 2014 she has published a short story with Walker Books, in addition to winning the Kelpies Prize with her first children’s novel, The Mixed-Up Summer of Lily McLean.


Crisis on the Cumbraes: The Unlikely Adventures of a Retired Accountant by Edwin Deas

What does a sixtyish accountant do when forced into retirement and an unplanned future? What does his busy academic wife do to save her work and sanity? She encourages him to take off from California to Millport on his favourite Scottish island in search of an adventure.

Adventures seem to find him rather than the reverse and Calum takes on the persona of an amateur sleuth to investigate the allegation of nuclear waste going missing and the apparently unrelated disappearance of a Hollywood diva, whom he met on the trans-Atlantic flight. An American research company that comes under suspicion at the power station proves to be connected to Calum’s wife’s research funding. And, the husband of the missing diva turns out to be an American entrepreneur who has bought the largest football team in Scotland and is already embroiled in the sectarianism that divides the sport. To make matters worse, he does not believe that Calum’s intentions are honourable. The police get increasingly frustrated with Calum’s meddling but he perseveres to discover a connection between the two cases. Matters come to a head just as Calum organizes the biggest golf tournament and concert ever to take place in Millport that goes a long way to restoring its reputation.

About Edwin Deas

Edwin Deas was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and has split his life between Scotland and North America, the latter including British Columbia, Canada and California, USA. He is unsure which nationality to own up to and tends to use whichever suits the circumstance. He does, however, have a deep and lasting love for a certain island back in Scotland